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How to spot fake designer sunglasses?


At Fashion Eyewear, we are often asked if our products are genuine because our prices are much lower than High Street and other online competitors. We can be 100% honest that they are, you can even contact the designer/manufacturer directly to check this for extra peace of mind (we even feature it on the Chanel website). That's how the internet is, full of counterfeit goods and fakes. But how do you tell the difference?
We all want to bargain, but if something seems too good to be true, it usually is. When it comes to sunglasses, it's especially important to buy genuine products. Fake designer sunglasses usually don't provide your eyes with UV protection, which is the main purpose and function of genuine sunglasses. It may be dangerous. In addition to the dangers posed by lack of protection, counterfeit sunglasses tend to be of poor quality and break quickly, so while saving money in the short term, it's a complete waste of money. Below you'll find our top tips for spotting fakes online and after receiving a product.
An online store can be set up and run anywhere, including someone's home. This means it will be difficult for authorities to catch anyone selling counterfeit goods online. For added security, companies with brick-and-mortar stores are more likely to sell genuine products. This allows you to visit the store and find real people to talk to. Stores are also regulated and dissatisfied customers can return items, making it nearly impossible to sell counterfeit products in high street stores. Fashion Eyewear has two stores; one in Chiswick, West London, and the other in Farnborough, Hampshire.

eBay can often provide us with some real bargains and quality products, but it's also a melting pot of fakes. Fake designer sunglasses are a big problem on eBay, you can't see the real thing until you pay, and it's often hard to tell if your purchase is genuine. If the product is shipped from China, Hong Kong or Thailand, then it is likely to be a fake, as these countries have millions of replicas every year. If the image is a stock photo and not the sunglasses that the seller took themselves, that could mean they're hiding things like obvious differences. There can obviously be genuine products on eBay, but it's hard to find and almost impossible to pin down until you receive the item, so why take the risk?
One of the best sources to tell if a website sells genuine designer sunglasses is to check online reviews. There are many review sites around, we use TrustPilot as well as most other UK online stores (links in the top right corner of the page). This way, you can see from verified buyers whether they are satisfied with the product they received. If a site is selling fakes, this will usually be reflected in their reviews. To make sure sites don't write their own fake reviews to make themselves look more authentic, check review sites that use a verified buyer system, only customers who have purchased a product can write reviews. For the best results, search Google for the name of the website you wish to buy and "review" or "genuine" and see what's about them.

Once you receive your sunglasses
OK, so you bought a pair of designer sunglasses, how do you know if they are real? Each brand has unique characteristics that distinguish them from fakes. Some of the most basic tests look at the inside of the arm. Is the brand name there? Is there the correct model out there? color code? Also on sunglasses, there should be a "CE" mark to show that the manufacturing process meets European quality standards. Often, Fake designer sunglasses are missing or misinformed, or printed at interesting angles. However, this is not always an indicator and fake glasses may have printed all of them correctly. There is a wealth of information on the internet about spotting fakes, and each brand has different metrics. A Google search for "how to spot fakes from the brand of sunglasses you bought here" should reveal a wealth of information that you can use to check your glasses.

If buying from an online store, your best bet is probably to find the official manufacturer of the brand (such as Marcolin, Luxottica or Safilo) and call or email them to check if the store is registered with them as an official retailer.


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