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In fashion glasses, we are often asked if our products are real because our price is much lower than high streets and other online competitors. We can use 100 % honesty that you can even contact the designer/manufacturer directly to check whether it is more at ease. The Internet is full of fake goods and fakes. But how do you explain the difference?

We all want to bargain, but if some things seem so good, it is often real. It is especially important to buy genuine products with sunglasses. Fake goods usually do not provide ultraviolet protection for your eyes. This is the main purpose and function of the real sunglasses. It may be dangerous. In addition to the lack of danger involved in protection, replica designer sunglasses are usually inferior and will quickly collapse. Therefore, although it saves money in the short term, this will completely waste money. Below, you will find the main techniques for our online discovery of fakes, once you receive the product.

You can set up an online store anywhere (including someone's home). This means that it is difficult for the authorities to capture anyone who sells fake products online. In order to increase safety, a company with brick and mortar shops is more likely to sell real products. This allows you to visit the store and find a real person to talk. The store is also supervised and can be returned to the store from dissatisfied customers, so it is almost impossible to sell fake products in Gaoshi's store. There are two shops in fashion glasses. One in Western London, Westwick, and the other in Farneberry in Hampe.

eBay can usually provide us with some real bargaining and excellent products, but this is also a furnace of fakes. Replica sunglasses are a huge problem on eBay. You can't see the physical product before paying, and it is usually difficult to determine whether the goods you buy are true. If the product is shipped from China, Hong Kong or Thailand, it may be false in these countries every year. If the image is an inventory photo, not a photo taken by the seller itself, it may mean that they hide things like Insiscpans. Obviously, you can have real products on eBay, but you can hardly determine these products before receiving the item, so why should you take risks?

One of the best sources to determine whether the website sells the fake designer sunglasses is to find online comments. There are many comment websites around, we use Trustpilot and most other British online stores (links in the upper right corner of the page). In this way, you can see whether they are satisfied with the products they have received from the verified buyers. If the website sells fakes, this is usually reflected in their comments. In order to ensure that the website does not write its own fake comments to make it look more real, please check the comment website using verified buyer systems. In this website, only customers who purchase products can write comments. In order to get the best results, please ask Google you to buy the website name purchased from "comment" or "real", and check the content about them.

Once you received your sunglasses

Okay, so you have bought a pair of designer sunset. How can you tell if they are true? Each brand has a separate characteristic that they can be marked from the fake designer sunglasses. Some basic examinations are inside the arms. Is the brand name there? Is the correct model? color code? Also on sunglasses, the "CE" mark should appear to indicate that its manufacturing process meets the European quality standards. Generally, fake information will be lost or wrong, or it may be printed at an interesting angle. However, this is not always a indicator, and fake sunglasses may print all these correctly. The Internet has a lot of information about discovery of fakes, and each brand has different indicators. Searching on Google "how you buy a brand here to discover fakes here" should reveal a lot of information that can be used to check glasses.

If you buy it from the online store, the best thing may be to find the official manufacturer of the brand (such as Marcolin, Luxottica or Safilo), and call them or email to check that the store has been registered as an official retailer.


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