WordSpaceStudios is a non-profit whose mission is to help provide the space and time for writers of all ages, experience and backgrounds to work on their creative writing projects. We offer classes, writing residencies, fellowships, and a variety of events that are all community-based and offered at low or complimentary rates in order to serve anyone who is interested in our offerings. To this end, we are happy to accept donations so we can pay our teachers and support writers through grants and fellowships year-round.



Thank you for your interest in WordSpaceStudios!

As we grow, our focus in the new year is to provide writing classes to underserved communities. Currently we teach a creative writing class weekly at a retirement home as a volunteer, and hope to have the time and bandwidth to expand services to schools and centers across the Bay Area and beyond with the goal of reaching those who could be empowered by finding their voice through writing. In addition, we are launching our Sponsor a Writer program this year which hopes to expand our fellowship program and provide substantial stipends to promising writers who need such support to complete a body of work.

Any and all donations will go toward our programming; if you wold like your donating to a specific one, please specify that.

All donations are tax deductible.

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